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Towards new materials...
Towards new standards.
The driving force behind
the new AOI is the desire to search
for the next emerging field.

Established as the manufacturing division of Sanko Co., Ltd., Aoi Corporation manufacturers anywhere between dozens and more than a million precision instrument parts every month. In the 35 years since its founding, we have placed the highest priority on achieving both 100% customer satisfaction and employment stability for our employees; these principles are currently being truly tested. The quality we offer, the way we manufacture our products, and the reliability of our management style are the real sources of the quality and value offered by Aoi Corporation. We are currently in an era when achieving customer satisfaction is the key to continuously enhancing that value, and current trends will allow us to continue pursuing our corporate goals and growing our company long into the future. The driving force behind this growth lies in our unique way of viewing forecast management. The greater the human involvement in the manufacturing process is, the greater are the chances for flaws and defects. If such involvement is eliminated, then reliability will improve. Thus, increased automation results in better quality and a greater level of customer trust. We are undertaking company-wide efforts to promote environmentally friendly manufacturing practices that meet our customersf needs for green procurement under ISO14000 standards. Observers can thus expect to see Aoi Corporation continue to grow well into the future.

Business Creed
What We believe.
  • It will get over the work in the pride and the ardor.
  • It will move forward by the continuous originality and the resources.
  • It will make a spirited office with mutual trust and abundant culture.
Management Philosophy
  • We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.
  • The stability of our employees and the stable growth of the company are our foundation.
  • We develop both products and human qualities in the training ground of the workplace.
  • Unlimited, continuous improvement.