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Towards new materials...
Towards new standards.
The driving force behind
the new AOI is the desire to search
for the next emerging field.

The basis of AOI Kikou's creative power is the ability to envision the "next new thing". We are constantly seeking new possibilities in every direction - including new materials and greater processing precision. To express this corporate attitude, we established a new AOI corporate logo. It symbolizes our passion to investigate new possibilities and our calm judgment to convert these possibilities into reality.

Passionate green, to stimulate passion & Delicacy
Delicate circle, symbolizing our pursuit of the ideal
This color symbolizes our passion to explore possibilities. It also simultaneously signifies that ultimately machines are only tools. The main role is performed by people with their imagination and knowledge. The logo features a roundness tester. A perfect circle represents the ideal. The hand - drawn circle represents visually the process of acquiring delicate ideas for realizing this ideal.